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Rapido & time limited website update: we're playing at Bluedot!

We tried our best to "future proof" this "what's on" section of this website at the start of this year, noting we only really update it when we have something to tell you about & That Amazing Thing! is super occasional at mo (while a couple of us adapt to some big life changes). However, we then messed that up, with news of Francis playing at the wonderful Earthly Pleasures in March ..... & left the site largely unchanged till July.

All of a sudden - let's say it again - we're playing at Bluedot! Sunday evening, 8pm till 11pm in the VIP area. Almost prime time (some will have left the festival, but those who haven't will be going for it!). May be at the same time as Grace Jones though .....
Never mind, we LOVE Grace, but we LOVE Shaun & Kenny too & so will you, if you get along to that VIP area on Sunday evening. Maybe you can blag it in by that time, but you shouldn't, as it's raising £ in support of Eat Well MCR, helping to provide meals to people in need. A great cause & a great, suddenly occurring little guest spot.

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After Bluedot, no doubt this blurb about it will stay untouched for a while - to the irritation of those coming to look for CASTLE INFORMATION. One crucial piece of info - the dates of Fri 27th to Sun 29th Oct - has been been here all year, but let's add a date & time of THURSDAY 24th AUG 8PM for tickets on sale from Eventbrite. For those who don't know The Castle (or if you somehow mysteriously lost all memory of your last visit) see our page of Castle info/FAQs. There's a Facebook event where there should be a bit of this-year-specific chat.Beyond that, if you have any questions..... don't ask us! That's as we're again hosting the event as a collab with our parters in crime Amateur Hour & part of the divvy up of jobs is they do all talking & comms, leaving us to get on with the behind-the-scenes stuff. So give them a shout if you have any questions - as a dancer, a DJ etc. We'll have line up info for you soon, after conferring with that little dog, we're aiming to bring you some exciting new players this year, along with the essential firm favourites, for a(nother) party like no other.

So last year

What a great year we had in 2022: playing at We Out Here festival again. Quite simply the best UK festival. Thank you. Get your tickets booked for 2023. The Gherkin's marvellous Pakistan flood disaster fundraiser (over £6k raised, hats off to superpower Jamie). Guesting at brilliant nights like Manchester's Amateur Hour & Animaux & York's Bad Chapel.
And of course our own parties, a stormer at The Eagle in Salford in July & then, once again, THE CASTLE in October, one of the best in over 10 years of this event (& when you know how good it is, you understand that is saying a lot).
Rounding it out with a truly Amazing! New Year party, another sell out, rammed-to-the-rafters session at The Gherkin. A mammoth 14 hours: 6pm till 8am, when, despite the lengthy duration (& just like 2021) the place was still heaving, everyone still dancing & asking for more at the end!

So check back here as 2023 takes shape, may take a bit of time (apologies if you're still reading NY info long after 2023 starts, we have an awful habit of only updating this site when we have something new for you), but when it comes it'll be good.

Music from our mates:
A lot of words on our upcoming events, so let's go light here. Apart from to note that not only do we have loads of mates, we have loads that make music. So if we pick 2 or 3 things to share here they'll be worth a spin.
Music from us:

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Waffle from us:
We're just getting used to our new “all on one page” website. Must mean it's time to screw that principle up. We want to post various little additional “articles”. Bloggy an'that like. The first is this from 2020, our best record of the parties we've done & DJs who played over 20 years. Others to come may be various musings posted to our Facebook group: we understand not everyone wants to participate in the services of what appears to be a sociopath android, so we'll keep a selection of what some have described as “waffles” accessible here.
We also have “
Videos of us
”. Such narcissism. Seriously, we were privileged to have the livestream for our 20th birthday party & as a fundraiser for Whalley Range's wonderful Carlton Club filmed by the also wonderful Imagine Arts. Check out better looking members of the crew on Imagine's YouTube channel