Charts & mixes from That Amazing Thing! residents Mark Haran, Elisabeth Kurtis & Francis Wooff plus guests. If you'd like a tracklist or other details mail Mark, Elisabeth or Francis by using whichever of those first names followed by "at" We don't have such info for guest mixes, but could try to find out if you're desperate for that ID.

Featured Mixes

Records from our 2016 Castle party

Another recreation for now, we're hoping to gain actual recordings, but these are in Eire at the mo & import tariffs are ridiculous post-brexit

Early on our August 16 boat party

See Mixcloud for full description, these tunes were played in the warm up on our bonkers Aug 16 boat.

Francis HOUSE!!! mix

Gentle house? Pure house?

Records from our November 15 party

See Mixcloud for full description, this is like NEW 2016 music. Miraculous.

From The Vaults

Francis Electric Elephant 2013

Recorded live at the beach bar at the wonderful Electric Elephant festival in Croatia one sunny Saturday afternoon.

Records from our May 09 party (pt.1)

Amazing! party seven (eek!) years ago at Manchester's splendid Soup Kitchen. This was before the basement or club nights there generally. We took over what was then "what it says on the tin" by day to turn it into a hidden, shutters down, special, secret (& quite posh!) night venue.

Francis at Feel Surreal at Audio Delicatessen, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jan 07

Francis spins his favourite classic house & techno cuts - as befits such a hot location!

Links to other shizzle

Space Ritual Podcast Dec 13

Podcast by Francis for the young Space Ritual community over in York, we had a great time playing their party in Jan.

Freakin Podcast Feb 12

Over the last few years we've been fortunate enough to link up with the folks that do the wonderful Freakin & BoomChik nights in York. They've come over & played for us & we've played there, what a night that was! Here's a podcast by Francis for Freakin.

Francis' Soundcloud page

Francis got excited by finally joining Soundcloud, then disappointed that he could only get 1 or 2 mixes on there before he had to pay. He hasn't, so here's what there is.