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50s comic poster linking to CAstle Facebook event page

Wow, what a fantastic 2018, we’re having! Take a bow Bad Chapel, Partisan, Deep In Vogue, Modern Logic, Loose & some naughty underground numbers - including a couple of belters planned for Aug, whooooo!

Now it's time we hosted our own party. Not being immodest, we think those who know will agree, we have one that will knock the socks off anything. We're talking of course about THE CASTLE.
UPDATE: there was blather here about how good & therefore popular the Castle is & how on it you need to be to get tickets. Well that was true as they sold out in 26 mins. An odd few may surface at Eventbrite as we nail down the DJ line up & release any extras. Otherwise follow the words on the "Sold out" page there about how to get your hands on spares near the time - which there ALWAYS are. If you have your ticket & need to know stuff please read this page. Check there before messaging as most of what people ask is covered. There'll also be chat on our Facebook group or the Facebook event page.

Also happening is an Amazing! SECRET PARTY August Bank Holiday Saturday. It will be, well, AMAZING! And secret (it’s only on this website because nobody ever reads this website). It’s by Amazing! crew member Jamie W & in conjunction with our brothers in rave Red Laser Disco. In the lyrical words of Il Bosco, Red Laser proprietor:
“It's free (yes, free), mint sound, near the city centre.
No turds - do not invite dicks or people who might invite dicks.
Beer for sale - or bring your own booze. Toilet provided (bring some bog roll in case). Bring a bag & take your rubbish away.
Invite only - address and map provided on the day. To be involved you must email with how many spaces you need”.
We’ll leave you in his capable hands with entry to this one. Only message us if he forgets to sort you out (possible).