Castles, boats, village halls, hilltops, basements, pub back rooms, your living room, lofts, underground, overground, small, large, but most definitely Amazing!
That Amazing Thing! is like the best house parties you've ever been to.

We're a little underground night without schedule or predictability.

We host parties round Manchester. One or two a year in a club & maybe more hidden in lofts or cellars. There might be something outside the city: the fields, boats & castles mentioned have figured in the past.

We've been doing this since 2000. We started more conventionally, but found doing weird irregular parties (underground & as bizarre as we can make them) suited. Here's a BBC Radio One documentary from 2003 showing we were on that vibe even back then.

Our events are usually modestly priced, with any profits going to charity. It's about having fun, while hopefully doing some good in the world as a by-product.

Our musical remit is far-ranging, but house music is the core & we like to look to the future, as well as the past. We're honoured by the compliments & support we get for the sounds we play, our commitment to music is at the heart of everything we do. Our parties are blessed with the most Amazing! following, if you've experienced the atmosphere you'll know this isn't just self-serving hype.

The best guide to what we do is to look at our pictures pages or listen to mixes on our sounds page. You can also check that Radio One documentary (though we only feature in parts it's a good listen & we have the last word) or here are 2 nice reviews from way back from (now ex-pat) Manchester journo Jon Freer (check him at Freersounds for what he's up to now).

In those days the night was put together by Francis & Mark (supported by a wider community). Now there are more key players in the nucleus. You can e-mail us individually by using the relevant first name (see below) followed by "at"

If it's organisational stuff you need mail Francis, musical stuff mail Francis, Elisabeth (or Mark if you're feeling lucky). You can mail Phil or Claire, but the result could be anything.

The address info "at" is received by a few of us, so hopefully you can raise someone that way.

Like a lot of people some stuff we used to do via our site has now been superseded by Facebook, you can join our group & parties usually have an event page (though some may be closed/secret).

We still value this site as a place where we have more control & can host music, we try to keep some snippets of info just to here (or here first) to encourage people to visit & not just rely on Facebook.

Another source of info is our e-mailing list, it's a good way of being sure you know about our upcoming events.

Karl, our resident chimp, did start a Twitter account for the night, it was a good outlet for his profligacy, but now he's not chimping so much it's gone a bit dead, we're looking into getting going again (= we have a vacancy for a new chimp).

And now That Claire (our resident Claire, there is no better descriptive term) has started Instagramming! This social media stuff is getting out of control.