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Amazing! lady

So our Amazing! Castle party sold out within a remarkable 40 mins on August 1st. However at time of writing this, early Oct, the queue of folks trying to buy any spare places is getting down to last 5 & if you go to the Facebook event page it may be possible to pick up last minute places from those who bought but can’t go anymore. Get on board as we want a full house (castle) on Friday the 13th!

It's back .... the highlight of the insane person's clubbing year. 100 people in a castle on Hadrian's Wall, surrounded by beautiful countryside, for a weekend of the very finest music & madcap antics.

We're upping the ante again this year, with involvement this time from THREE guest crews - to bring the tribes from far & wide & the very, very best DJs.

So you'll need to get your finger on that trigger or you will be left out. Last time tickets went in a day, this time may be quicker. Get 8pm on Tues 1st of August in your diaries, an alarm on every device & browser set on the Eventbrite page.

They will go quick, quick, quick, like always. Don't miss out.

The £49 ticket price includes your accommodation, but note this is very basic. Here is a page of info about the event, please check the FAQs if you have a question as good chance it is answered there.