News and events from That Amazing Thing! the Manchester (UK) based club night
Muziki Sessions 15th June Aatma poster

Wow, what a fantastic first half of 2018, we’ve managed to play at a number of fabulous parties without having to actually host one ourselves.....

Take a bow Bad Chapel, Partizan all-dayer, Deep In Vogue & a couple of naughty underground numbers.

The theme continues with what could be our most lively 2018 outing on 15th June, to Muziki Sessions at Aatma. We’re thrilled to be asked to play & very excited about pulling out the musical stops in one of our favourite venues.

After that we might actually have some of our own dates for you. We certainly have 3 in a row from 12-14th Oct. What’s that - weekend away in the autumn? What could be going on? Tickets on sale Tuesday 31st July 8pm.

Then we’re into the sort of speculation that comes with being part of That Amazing Thing! that there may some sort of summer jamboree, involving sunny outdoors stuff, but bound to end in dark meltdown, maybe on the 18th July or 24th Aug. But then maybe not.