News and events from That Amazing Thing! the Manchester (UK) based club night
Amazing! lady

There are things our Things! are known for. 2 are bizarreness & secrecy. We're happy to report that our latest outing has these spades:

On Sat 3rd Dec we gather at an oddball, hidden location dressing in all manner of risqué theme costumes - like a burlesque night, but replacing usual accompanying vintage music with our Amazing! underground house, disco & techno. Not only burlesque costumes though - fetish will be great if anyone is bold enough. If you don't really fancy that maybe something sleek or fly - formal evening wear Madonna "Vogue" video style?

In fact there are a few relevant Madonna vids! Drag & glitter will likely feature, but maybe keep it swanky? (more Lady of Paris than bearded ladies) - actually just do whatever, it's your night, go nuts.
To encourage people to go for it we have devised a slightly insane ticket scheme - basically if your costume is out there enough we refund your ticket.

Before we go on about the madness more we should say get your tickets soon from Eventbrite or Piccadilly Records. This event has grabbed people's imaginations & 80% of places have already gone.

What else can we say to make you nervous/excited? Photography will generally not be allowed - Berghain vibe. For those who do want their fabulous costumes recording we'll have a corner specially set aside & even a chance our Elisabeth will be using her professional photographer skills (as well as ace DJ ones) for those that want. It's her birthday BTW, let her know you know!

We're raising money for the Oxfam Appeal for Haiti following Hurricane Matthew, so we hope you understand you'll have to go all out to impress our expert team for that full refund. We're hoping most will refuse more than a fiver back, leaving £3 for our cause.

As the party venue will only be revealed as the first people arrive we have a pre-rendezvous at The Koffee Pot, 84-86 Oldham St, where you can meet from 8 for beers, cocktails (food if you might not eat for a while after). From there transport will leave to the actual party venue at 9:30. We’ll have our DJs on & everything, so it will be a party before the party.
At 10:30pm we will reveal the party location on the Facebook event page for those who want to go straight to the venue/arrive late.

Are you brave enough? We hope so, this could be a legendary night of bizarreness!