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Amazing! lady

My word! We certainly sorted out the back end of 2016. Another bloody brilliant Castle Party in October - outrageously funny antics, fantastic music in the red rope-lit Gun Room, walking out over misty fields under that stunningly bright moon. Then our next adventure hit new heights of hedonism.

Massive, massive THANK YOU to all the buzzing, dancing, sexy beauties who attended That Amazing Thing! (Saucy edition). We know you loved it as you told us so:
“What a bloody belter! My dancing soul is nourished. LOVE that venue”
“This really was a total cracker-of-crackers: extraordinary venue, super friendly vibe, even by Amazing! standards, killer tunes coming one after the other”
“My friends and I are newbies and we've been amazed and impressed by the whole experience - fantastic people, great venue, fab tunes. You guys are amazing and thank you soooo much”
“Massive thank-you for one of the best nights out, er, ever”

Now we hibernate for the start of 2017. We do have some plans, the Castle may happen again other end of the year (some things to sort), if so Friday 13th may be lucky for some.

Before there should be one (maybe two) more events, exactly what the subject of debate among the Amazing! crew currently. Maybe Sat May 13th is a date to circle in red, could be something gooooooooood..... Get that date in your diary.