News and events from That Amazing Thing! the Manchester (UK) based club night
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Manchester's best-loved underground party returns. House music, disco music, techno music.

FULL HOUSE! We’re all sold out. Those with tickets are going to have a GOOD TIME. Those without are missing out BIG TIME. There is a waiting ist at Eventbrite - add yourself to get hold of any returned tickets. Or see the Facebook event page for people selling tickets there.

Everyone (including us) was so blown away by our off-the-hook wild night at Cirque Burlesque last year we just had to do another. So here you go, more of the same, the best music, the best crowd, naughty underground happening, everything from soul to techno rumbling forth from a mighty soundsystem in a dark, out-of-the-way venue. To keep it fresh we're swapping the outrageous "Saucy" theme for "Carnival". This still allows plenty of scope for going risqué (the member of our crew who wore almost nothing last time swears she'll wear even less this) or you can come in something still flamboyant, but less revealing. If you'd rather not dress up at all it's all cool with us, it's about fun & music, not rules. But colours, feathers, glitter or anything from smart evening wear to animal costumes will make our wonderful venue look even snazzier.

These are a lot of details revealed by our secretive standards, so we won't identify our special DJ. One of our favourite guests from our last few parties, they have never played for us in Manchester (???). We're super thrilled to have them along for the ride. Expect the random happenings, the finest sounds & the loveliest, happiest crowd at a party anywhere!