News and events from That Amazing Thing! the Manchester (UK) based club night

Both our events below sold out within a flash of going on sale. We're too lazy to update this page further now - other than to say keep your eyes on the prize by following news here & on Facebook to grab invites or tickets for events as soon as available. Check the Facebook event pages below for anyone selling on tickets for Castle or Boat & keep Sat Dec 3rd in your diary.

Ooooooh! We are so excited about our upcoming boat trip on Saturday 20th Aug. We’ve done boat parties for time, in fact they are somewhat legendary. So what’s the big news here?

Well, with the last selling out in just 4 minutes, we were “going to need a bigger boat". We have one. An Amazing! craft taking 120 people with wooden dance deck, all round transparent canopy for proper views & open roof-deck. We will be putting a proper soundsystem aboard to take things up a gear from previous efforts. It also cruises a fancier route than our last backwater voyages.

What a Thing! this is going to be. Despite the extra capacity you'll still need your finger on the trigger to get a ticket. So set an alarm for 8pm Monday 4th July & have your browser primed & ready on the Eventbrite ticket page. There'll likely be some afterparty, but probably low key, as the focus is on the awesome boat cruise.

We have no wish to wish summer away, but it's time to plan for That Amazing Castle Thing! 2016 edition. Dates are 14th to 16th October, tickets £49 via Eventbrite at 8pm on Friday July 1st. Here is a page of info on the event - what to bring, travel, times, ticket info etc. We don't imagine this year will be much different to last (why would you change how brilliant that was?), many of last year's superb DJ line up will be back, we'll have some freeeeshhhh (for a little while at least) faces, usual goodness like a little treat of food from Taste The Love on arrival. Tickets went in just over a day last time & (given how damn good that was) should go even quicker this. You have at least one pay day between writing this & July 1st, so make sure you save some readies for that day.

We have one more Manchester Thing! in the incubator, news soon. Keep watching the skies (or here, actually here would be a better place to look).