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50s comic poster linking to CAstle Facebook event page

Wow, what a fantastic 2018, we’re having! Take a bow Bad Chapel, Partisan, Deep In Vogue, Modern Logic, Loose & some naughty underground numbers - including a couple of belters planned for Aug, whooooo!

But now it's about time we hosted our own party. Not being immodest, we think those who know will agree, that we have one that will knock the socks off anything. We're talking of course about THE CASTLE.
In fact there's not a lot we need to say (other than it starts Fri 12th Oct). It sells itself, getting Glasto like on how quickly that happens, last year it sold out in 43 mins. As it was brilliant again there'll be even more wanting to come or come back. So the important thing is tickets go on sale from Eventbrite at 8pm on Monday 30th July. If you are thinking about it, buy tickets first & think later. You can always sell them on with plenty folks missing out & desperate to get their hands on a resale. Other details are on this page - please check there before messaging as most of what people ask is covered. There'll be chat on our Facebook group or the Facebook event page.