News and events from That Amazing Thing! the Manchester (UK) based club night
Deep In Vogue night poster

We had planned a quiet first half of 2018. Instead we've been up & running with a couple of tasty tiny undercover gigs & then the brilliant Partisan fundraiser, quite a day & night, we hope to be back there for more when they do it again.

Next up on Friday 27th April we have a special party by 2 of our crew, who’ve only gone & made a film: Deep In Vogue. The film is about the Vogue scene in the North of the UK, 20 years on from its birth in NYC. As such it features archive footage (in addition to what our intrepid duo have shot). It turns out this costs a load of money to use, so the party is a fundraiser to cover that & get this little beauty released.
The night promises to be cracking, with full involvement by the 4 vogue houses featured in the film & music from no less than Crazy P! And of course your Amazing! residents will be in the house. You can read more on the Facebook page for the event & get your ticket here.

For the next few months gigs like this will be our output, with no full on Amazing Thing! for the foreseeable. A couple of projects (which made slow progress last year) need to come to the fore & our night takes a back seat - for now. These projects will play into the night when it resumes, so spare the arm twisting, it'll be worth it when it hits.
In the meantime we like to stay active by spinning tunes at other good places. Having a house party? We’d love to come along & play. Might even be able to provide a little rig - or we can bring our world of wild & wonderful characters if you want them & think you can handle them!
Whatever you're up to in 2018 power to you & hope to see you on a dancefloor soon X